Bamboo Wood Dock Stand Charging Station Cradle Holder For iPhone and Apple Watch

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Apple iWatch Bamboo Wood Charging Dock Charge Station Stock Cradle Holder for Apple Watch Both 38mm and 42mm & iPhone 6 6 plus 5S 5 7 7 plus 8 X



  • Compatible with Apple Watch (38mm and 42mm sizes) iWatch Series 1 Series 2 and iPhones
  • Apple Watch's inductive charger slots comfortably in the dock, simply place on the platform and works as clock while charging.
  • A great place to keep your Apple Watch clean and safe at night while charging.
  • Bamboo Wood stand is as solid build for better stabilization and a natural look for a classy Chic home or office.
  • Bamboo stand only, accessories NOT included. Made of Natural Bamboo, items will be in nature color.
  • Made of bamboo wood, the sturdy and firm bamboo stand gives your office, or house a touch of natural elegance.
  • Special cutouts for Apple Watch charger and cable. A great place to keep for Apple Watch clean and safe at night while charging. 
  • For Apple Watch's inductive charger slots comfortably in the dock, simply place on the platform and works as clock while charging.
  • Safely and stylishly charges for Apple Watch at a comfortable 45 degree viewing angle.
  • Top and rear cut out prevents charging chord from tangling.
  • Travel stand can easily be placed on any clean flat desktop surface for conv enient use anywhere.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Bamboo Wood Stand for Apple Watch